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If that work/life balance thing isn't quite balancing like it should...
If the commuting, meetings, deadlines and climbing up that greasy corporate pole just doesn't seem like a challenge that you're up for anymore...
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If retirement is on the horizon, but you still have plenty of 'gas in the tank' and you'd like the time and the money to explore the world as you enter this exciting new stage in your life, then maybe it's time for a change?


What if that Change Could Look Like This?...
Imagine... you're sitting in a sun filled beach cafe in Cyprus, taking a client call, that, if it goes your way, will earn you over $120,000 (£94,000) just for making an introduction to someone in your network.

The person you're talking to received an email from you yesterday.

The message offered to raise capital for their business through your network of investors and financiers, who, when the deal is done, pay a commission directly into your bank account.

That's your reward for introducing the business to them. It's just how this industry works.

When the money clears, you draw down $30,000 for your living expenses, put some cash away for your next adventure and invest the rest.

Now that's a nice business, right?

How about taking a call from a client based in Florida while you're on a day-trip around the Greek islands?

The client saw your video post on LinkedIn. The one where you're offering your expertise in helping companies to find, fund and acquire other businesses and arranging the finance too).

She clicked the link, watched the video and liking what she saw, she booked a call with you.

You log in to your fully branded video meeting room where teh whole video agenda, with supporting presentation and even your contract agreement is already set up, ready for the call. You ask some preset questions, and guess what?...

This Ones an Absolute White Whale!

Your new client is looking to raise a whopping $75m to buy a company.

Land this one and it means a life changing commission check for you.

Get it right and hundreds of thousands of Dollars/Pounds/Euros could be paid to you in commissions.

It seems incredible, I know. But the fact is, the entire industry runs on commissions and 'finders fees'. There's no stepping stone to success,

Bottom line, if you land a whale, you're in the big league. Day 1 or day 1000, it doesn't matter.

It's time to get rolling.

You'll need to provide proof (at no risk or cost to your client) that you can help her do the deal. Don't worry, we call this the 3P's strategy, you'll learn it in 30 minutes during your training.

To get started, you reach out to one of your partners, a Private Equity company who specialise in deals of this size (you can get all these contacts from me).

They ask you for more information about the client, her business and the company she is planning to buy. They send you a list of the information they will require.

Ten days later, your client has dropped all of the information into a Google Docs folder.

Accounts, business information, copies of sales agreements, cash flow forecasts, legals... all the things investors will want to see before lending capital to your client.

Once all the information is in the folder, you give access to the Private Equity company.

Two days later, an email lands in your inbox.

They love the deal!

The next step is back to you;

You set up a three way video. meeting; The client, you and representatives from the private equity company.

You're travelling again of course. Maybe exploring European cities or Island hopping in Thailand.

No worries. No office required.

Ten minutes before showtime, you've popped in to a local cafe to take the Zoom call.

You order a cappuccino and dial in.

No worries about where you'll be to take a call, even one of this size

Because, here's the thing;

"Nobody cares where you are calling in from any more. As long as you have your online meeting room set up and can bring deals to the table (I'll show you how) then you have massive value and your commissions are locked in"

Back to the call.

Once the introductions are made, you sit back and let them talk numbers (more than likely you'll understand almost none of it, but that doesn't matter, finances are their thing, not yours).

By the end of the conversation, the client has agreed to proceed and contracts are exchanged online.

You hand over the client to the Private Equity partners, They take it from there.

Two months later, your client is the owner of a new business. Your Private Equity partners have secured their fees in full and...

They have already sent your commission, straight to your bank account

Same set up as before. You draw down enough to live well, to travel anywhere you want to go. to book your next apartment on AirBnB for a day a week, or even for a year.

The rest you invest safely.

Then, later that day, you take another client call.
Daily income. Sorted.
Investments. Sorted.
Pension. Sorted.
That's the life of an Executive Nomad.

When you can take calls like these, from anywhere in the world and make that kind of money, you'll never need an office, a boss, or staff. In fact, here's your business check-list :

Interested in Learning More? - Let's meet our Founder.

Hello, I'm Jamie. I've been an 'Executive' Digital Nomad since 1991.

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I run an online consulting business from my laptop and smartphone.

So I can live anywhere I choose.

I make an Executive Level income every year by finding companies around the world who are looking to raise business capital (full transparency, I have very little experience of finance and I'm terrible with spreadsheets) and placing their business in my network of financiers.

When my finance partners raise the capital, I get paid a commission of around 2% of the deal value.

Here's how that looks;

''My minimum deal level is $5m. On that I earn up to $100k A mid range deal is around $10m, that would bring me up to $200k. Right now, I'm raising $95m for a client to acquire an energy company in Texas USA. It's too big to handle on my own, so I've partnered with a Private Equity company to get that deal done. True, I'm sharing the commissions. But even at half (1%) I'm happy. You do the maths on that one.''


I find all of my clients on Linkedin or by email.

My outgoings are tiny. I never sell anything, clients need what I have before we even talk.

So I have a stress free business.

I look for (at most) five clients a year, so I have plenty of time to travel, explore and enjoy the world.

When I get paid,

My company pays zero corporation tax and I personally pay less than 10% income tax, regardless of how much I earn.

And yes, it's all perfectly legal.

When I grab my travel bag and head to the airport, I can choose to stay anywhere in the world I want - for a day, a week or even for months, just by booking in an apartment on AirBnB and heading there, laptop in my bag, smartphone in my hand.

I Have Freedom. I have Money. I Have Time.

So what about you?

If you're looking for a new adventure, you are excited by the thought of living anywhere in the world you choose, full time, part time or just passing through... and with all the money you'll ever need to do it, you're at the right place.

Curious? If you've got a few minutes, click below to learn how to create your own high income, location independent business and get paid to travel the world.

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So Here's The Deal.

I'm on a mission to create a global community. 250 high level, professional Executive Nomads, living a glorious, highly paid, stress free life, on their own terms. Join me.

I'll give you my 32 year 'Road Tested' Nomad Lifestyle framework.

My unique Executive Nomad Strategy is an opportunity for you to set up a low to zero tax company, earn an executive level income and drastically reduce your personal taxes, all while living anywhere you choose - by the ocean, in the mountains, on the golf course... or just travelling full time and exploring the world. The Executive Nomad strategy has it all.

So They Say...

"My team has worked with Jamie on over $100m worth of deal transactions. He has also introduced IPO opportunities for us as well as deals in the energy, tech, engineering and science sectors. His ability to source high quality actionable deals is second to none"

Perry M. Anderson. Founder and CEO at Quadra Global Capital, Private Equity, London, UK

"Jamie was a Joint Founder of my London based company. His innovations and ideas formed the basis of our company strategy, leading it to a £210m exit value to New York Private Equity company E.W Skripps in 2006."

4th Marquess of Milford Haven

"We are an acquisition growth modelled company. Jamie helped us to source acquisition targets, qualify sellers, advise on valuations and connected us to Private Equity for the capitalising of our target companies. Highly recommended"

Ravi Bhim
Chairman Jaar Group, Ontario, Canada, 

"Fantastic! Many thanks indeed for your time and the 'bonus' time you graciously gave us. The team are really animated and enthused!"

Marketing Manager,


Here's What to Expect.


In this short introductory module, Jamie discusses the Executive Nomad lifestyle strategy, to see if it's a fit for you.


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