"I Can Teach You How To Start Your Own High Income, Location Independent Business"...

Everything you need to get started and making an executive level pay check is included. But before you dive in, shall we make sure it's a fit?

Shall we find out if this is the right fit for you?

So you've watched the free training sessions, taken a look at the latest news and most recent video updates and you're almost there...but not quite sure... if this is going to be a fit?

Well, you're in the right place to take the next steps.

Let's spend some time together, one on one. I'll get to show you around the business and you'll get to ask all the questions you like about the business, the lifestyle and your place in the Executive Nomad story.
Sound good?

Looking to set up a Location Independent Business?.....

Here's The Deal...

Its not just the money, its the time. So make sure this really is the right thing for you. Lets jump onto a video call and...

Make sure we're a fit to work together. If we're good, the world is yours!


Next, I'll take you step by step through the business, how it works, what you get, how you'll grow.


If it's not a fit, you'll know and move on. But if it is a fit, you'll be ready to get started immediately.

Here's How I Can Help Get You Set Up...


Video Training

Over 40 videos to show you how to set up your own location independent business and lifestyle


Emails, posts, banners and videos, all produced for you, ready to copy and engage your prospects

Email Campaigns

Don't pay a penny for running email campaigns, our fully branded platform is ready to take care of your outreach

Meeting Rooms

Meet your clients in a fully branded video room with agendas, presentations and agreements all built in, ready to fire up any meeting


Step by step online 'standard operating procedures' for every part of the business. Log in. Copy. Earn Money.


Your own, fully personalised website to present your services and turn prospects into high paying clients.


Never think about PDFs again. All your documents, contracts and agreements are ready for an online signature. 


Webinars for you and for your clients to learn about the services you offer. Educate & book a meeting and close the deal.

So They Say...

"My team has worked with Jamie on over $100m worth of deal transactions. He has also introduced IPO opportunities for us as well as deals in the energy, tech, engineering and science sectors. His ability to source high quality actionable deals is second to none"

Perry M. Anderson. Founder and CEO at Quadra Global Capital, Private Equity, London, UK

"Jamie was a Joint Founder of my London based company. His innovations and ideas formed the basis of our company strategy, leading it to a £210m exit value to New York Private Equity company E.W Skripps in 2006."

4th Marquess of Milford Haven

"We are an acquisition growth modelled company. Jamie helped us to source acquisition targets, qualify sellers, advise on valuations and connected us to Private Equity for the capitalising of our target companies. Highly recommended"

Ravi Bhim
Chairman Jaar Group, Ontario, Canada, 

"Fantastic! Many thanks indeed for your time and the 'bonus' time you graciously gave us. The team are really animated and enthused!"

Marketing Manager,

Glad to meet you!

About Jamie

Jamie has run a successful online consulting business since 1991 (4 years before the internet was even a thing)
With Executive Nomad, Jamie is building a community of location independent consultants who earn executive income while travelling any where on the globe they want to be.
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For Clarity: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an easy button. This is a real business, with real customers and real work to do to get it rolling. Success in this business requires learning, application, adjustment and effort . We believe in creating value and building a real business that gives our community a strategic blueprint for living a highly paid, location independent lifestyle. But, there's no guarantees of success or anything else, in this program, or in life. Your results are up to you and what you do with what you learn and how you interact with this business and the members of our community. Of course, we're here to help by sharing our most effective strategies, tools, and ideas to support you. But, nothing on these pages, our promotional emails, newsletters, websites, landing pages, meetings or webinars is a promise of any result. Testimonials are reflective only of past results specific to the context shown. They are illustrative and not typical results. Because our members aren't typical. Are you?
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