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How to Become a High Pay, Low Stress, Online Consultant

Time for a Career Change?

How about an online business, with executive level income, minimal taxes, low overheads, great customers who happily pay you every month and the ability to be 'at work' from wherever on the planet you want to be?

"How to Swap The Corporate 'Rat Race' For Your Own Low Stress, High Pay Consultancy Business, (using what you already know)"...

Ever dream of breaking free from the corporate chaos and starting your own  business? 

Imagine a life where you call the shots, work on your terms, and watch your expertise turn into a thriving business. Sound like a far-fetched dream? Not anymore. 

Welcome to online Consulting'

How it Works

The great thing about setting up a consulting business, is that you already have the knowledge to get started quickly. It's low cost to get set up and finding your ideal customers is easier than it's ever been.

You simply take the successes and experiences you've had in your career, repurpose and repackage them and create an offer that resonates with your ideal client. Then you use the strategies that I teach you - having been in this game for over 30 years - to find and land your clients

Consulting is all about positioning yourself as the answer to a problem, and then expanding your client base (you won't need many) and offfering a service that you know they have a need for, because you've seen it in your career (and hopefully, come up with a fix for whatever the problem is).

Of course, there is work to do to get organised, set up and ready to start brining in clients. And honestly, you'kll need a strategy that you like and understand if you're going to be a success at consulting.

So, taking from my +30 years in this space, I've put together a short guide that takes you through:

  • Your blueprint to taking what you already know and packaging it into a succesful, location independent consulting business.

  • Learn how to position just one 'big win' as the foundation of your consulting business.

  • Unlock a simple strategy to repackage and reposition your existing skills so that clients line up to hire you.

  • Discover why his 'one step ahead' hack is all you need to guarantee your consultancy business is a success.

  • Find out how to ensure financial stability while you get the business off the ground.

  • Follow the strategy to start part time - so you still get paid from the company while you get things set up and ready to go live.

  • How you could massively (and legally) reduce your tax burden every year from now on.


Here's How I Can Help You Set Up Your Own
Online Consulting Business

How it Works. How to Make Money.

40 Training Videos

We start with an overview of the sector and our place in it. From there we dive deeper into subjects giving you a comprehensive grounding on our business model, branding and best practices. Each module is set out for ease of understanding and execution.

Monthly Training Sessions 

Every month we hold a live webinar for members only to meet, discuss deal strategies, marketing, case histories and learn from other members on the way they are finding and closing clients and going from initial outreach to commission payday.

Your Own Barand

One of the difficulties in starting a new consulting company and reaching out to 'cold' prospects is the lack of experience and successful case history. That's not an issue when you operate as a part of the Executive Nomad brand.

Ongoing Training

Things change. In the markets, in the business and in the world. Our aim is to keep on developing new ideas, strategies and formulas that help you close more business, offer new services and build the location independent business of your dreams. You'll be in control of if and how you grow.

Less Stress

This is a numbers game. Not every prospects becomes a client and not every client will be able to raise capital, buy a company, exit or IPO. The trick is to always have a few deals in the pipeline so that you win a few / lose a few and don't spend time stressing about the ones that don't get over the line.

'Done For You'

Even though you'll know exactly how to run your own outreach campaigns, you might just prefer to stay 'high level' and let someone else take care of the day to day of managing your marketing and outreach. We've got you covered. We are training our own team of outreach experts to take care of you.
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Setting Up Your Business

Everythings included

Video Updates

We stay in touch through the community channel. wins, updates, announcments, help and social contact all in one place


Emails, posts, banners and videos, all produced for you, ready to copy and engage your prospects

Email Campaigns

Don't pay a penny for running email campaigns, our fully branded platform is ready to take care of your outreach

Meeting Rooms

Meet your clients in a fully branded video room with agendas, presentations and agreements all built in, ready to fire up any meeting


Step by step online 'standard operating procedures' for every part of the business. Log in. Copy. Earn Money.


Your own, fully personalised website to present your services and turn prospects into high paying clients.


Never think about PDFs again. All your documents, contracts and agreements are ready for an online signature. 


Webinars for you and for your clients to learn about the services you offer. Educate & book a meeting and close the deal.

Running Your Business

You focus on your clients - we'll focus on you.

Professional Website - Done

Building a website isn't everyones skillset. Don't worry, within 48 hours, you'll be online and ready to start talking to people, with your own personalised high value website, including sales pages, contacts and meetings schedule built in.

'Webinars' - All Yours

We found the best way to win clients is to educate them on what's possible when they raise capital, acquire, exit or IPO. We'll be running free webinars, you just invite prospects to attend and we'll do the talking. After the event, call and sign them up.

Sales Landing Pages - Done

The 'selling' of Executive Nomad services can be done on pre-recorded webinars and sales videos. When we develop new campaigns, we set up a landing page just for you. Email your list, send them to the page to view and then follow up and close.

Online Video Meeting Room

How easy will your online video meetings be when you simply log in and the full meeting agenda, with presentations, links and contracts is all baked in, ready for you to close the deal. Your clients will be delighted and the level of professionalism.

Standard Operating Procedures for Everything.

We're all about building relationships, but there are still processes to be followed for each part of a deal. We've prepared step by step SOPs for every part of the business so you'll never be at a loss as to what needs doing.

Social Videos for Social

We'll take care of social video creation, blogs and posts. You just drop them into
automated social media management tools to design and publish social media campaigns at scale. Save time with One-Click publishing to the best social media platforms.

''Every business owner you meet is on a journey, from slow organic growth to fast acquisition growth and then to either an exit or an IPO. We've designed our business to position you to be right by their side through the whole journey''


Marketing Your Business


Professionally Written Emails

Founder Jamie Sylvian was a professional financial copywriter for 10 years. Jamie wrote marketing campaigns that brought in over $50m in revenues for global powerhouses like Agora, Casey Research and International man. Now, he writes for you!

Social Posts - Done for You

Let's face it, who really wants to be posting on social sites every day, regardless of how effective it is in generating clients. Our strategy is different. We'll write the social content then you simple post it once, and it recurs time and again for as long as you like.

Video Shorts - Taken Care of

So, those sort videos all over social now, the 30 second clips? -They are hugely powerful in generating leads to your website. You can do your own, or you can use ours, regular campaigns, fresh and new to go out to your Linkedin, Facebook and all the other social accounts.

Presentations - All Done

When you jump on calls with clients, they will be expecting a professional presentation before they give you their business. We got ya! - You'll have fully branded, downloadable presentations for each of the services you'll offer your clients.

Campaigns - Ongoing

Email marketing can be tricky, unless you know what you're doing. We'll give you ( or your assistant) exactly the emails to send. Drop them into your email delivery platform. Professionally written to get you a response from companies raising capital, acquiring, exiting or IPO

Graphics/logos/Image Done

All the banners, ad copy, images and headers you need to keep you, your name and the Executive Nomad brand top of mind as you build out your prospecting and client list. All designed to showcase your service and fill your calendar with meetings.


"My team has worked with Jamie on over $100m worth of deal transactions. He has also introduced IPO opportunities for us as well as deals in the energy, tech, engineering and science sectors. His ability to source high quality actionable deals is second to none"

Perry M. Anderson. Founder and CEO at Quadra Global Capital, Private Equity, London, UK

"Jamie was a Joint Founder of my London based company. His innovations and ideas formed the basis of our company strategy, leading it to a £210m exit value to New York Private Equity company E.W Skripps in 2006."

4th Marquess of Milford Haven

"We are an acquisition growth modelled company. Jamie helped us to source acquisition targets, qualify sellers, advise on valuations and connected us to Private Equity for the capitalising of our target companies. Highly recommended"

Ravi Bhim
Chairman JaaR Group, Ontario, Canada, 

"Fantastic! Many thanks indeed for your time and the 'bonus' time you graciously gave us. The team are really animated and enthused!"

Marketing Manager,


Delivering for YOUR Clients Too!

We run webinars, events, training programs all designed to get your prospects to engage your help in delivering the service. Invite them to both free and paid events, then re-engage. We take care of everything at our end, you just look after your client.

You, the Valued Advisor

How do you keep your business right there in front of clients? VALUE - Don't always be selling, always be adding VALUE. That way they appreciate what you know and what you do. We create value add videos that teach your clients about capital, acquiring, exiting and going public.

Acquisitions Strategy

What if your client reached out to you, open to you finding them an acquisition and you not only connect the potential company to buy, but help the acquirer raise capital too? The deal gets done much quicker when you use our approach to finding your clients a buyer for their business. You're a huge asset to clients.

The Ultimate Founders Dream

Imagine the buzz when a founder takes his company public. Well, it could be you who got them there. We have a full team ready to lead your clients through the IPO maze. Add a deal like that to your CV and see how fast founders beat a path to your door. Executive Nomads can do that.

''Remember that these strategies are all modular. You can do all, some or one of them, full time, part time, or occasionally. the way you work is up to you. 
It's your business, run it your way''


Services You Will Offer Your Clients


Help Businesses Raise Growth Capital

Reach out on Linkedin, groups and by email to Founders looking to raise growth capital. There are 58m companies on Linkedin. At some point, they ALL need capital to grow their company. Oce you're in the door...

...Help them to Find, Fund & Acquire

Acquiring another company is the single fastest way to exponential growth. You'll help your clients to find acquisition targets, value the business fairly, and to raise the capital to get the deal over the line. So that they can...


Business owners reaching the point they want a way out of the business will look to sell it to a reliable, safe pair of hands to take over. Who better than you to reach out to potential acquirers and help them secure the funding. Or maybe they'll go for...

... an IPO

The ultimate Founders goal, becoming the Chairman of a globally trading company. They can release capital to repay early investors, free up capital for themselves and get access to global investors. We have a team already working on these deals. Could your client be next?


Either for their own company or an acquisition target, companies need to be fairly valued so that deals can get done. You'll be able to offer the highest level valuations service. We'll give you a price, add yours on top and then hand the client to our team.

Training Events

We'll be running high level training events that business owners will get true value from. Learning about capital raising, acquisitions, value exits and IPOs gives them the right background in each. When they are ready to go, they'll reach out to you.
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